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A Lovely Family Vacation

Beautiful home, gorgeous view, stunning mountains. All these things combined to create one of the lovliest family vacations we've ever had. Thank you for sharing your home with us! We enjoyed every second of our time here.

The DiPietros

A Place of Healing

Thank you is so trite for all you've done and given us. Bodhana was such a healing place for our family and friends. Heartfelt thank you and love.


Space for the Kids

Best time ever...I like this place for goodness sake. I really want to race in this whole space.

Mason S. & Peter P.

Magical Weddings

I had my perfect dream wedding in paradise. Thank you for creating this magical place.


A Sight to Behold

"What a sight to belold," from our grandson. This place is beyond our expectation. Thank you for sharing.

Marilyn F.

An Annual Affair

We came here last year for a family reunion and loved it so much, we decided to make it an annual thing! Once again it was perfect and so much fun. Thanks for everything! See you next year.

The Peters & Family

To Be Remembered

Coming here for my 17th birthday was amazing. My family told me we were going to Mount Shasta but they didn't say where. Driving into the driveway, I couldn't believe that this was the house me, my two Aunts, and 6 cousins would be staying. It is a beautiful home that I will always remember.

Isabela G.

Everything You Need

Thank you for sharing. The whole family loved Bodhana! Lots to see and do in this area, but we had just as much fun right in your backyard. Nature trails, beautiful view and all the "bells & whistles" for the kids to play with. Thanks for the zip-line and trampoline. What a big hit.

The Hayden Family

Where Stangers Become Friends

Strangers become friends in beautiful places. This is one of them...Arriving at different times and coming from different place, but leaving with the same thought and feeling...Thank you for hosting our weekend getaway! This place created great memories, strengthened and created friendships.

May 2015, Group Getaway

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